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Field Preparation

I researched all of the tillage tools from different manufacturers and decided on the McFarlane Quadra-Till and Reel Disk. These are now the only tillage tools on my farm. I can’t say enough about how well these tools size residue and pin it to the soil and firm and level the seedbed. I use the Quadra-Till in the fall on the flatter ground and follow up with one pass with the reel Disk in the spring. On the hilly ground I only do one pass with the reel Disk in the spring. I have found that because the Reel Disk does such a good job of pinning the residue I actually have less soil erosion than I did when I no tilled. I now have the best crop stand that I have ever had.

Tim Pfaff — Holmen, WI — Reel Disk

The McFarlane 16-Bar is a true multi-purpose tool. We've used it for a variety of tasks in a variety of soil conditions - and it has performed very well. In spring we're able to go into the fields and prepare them in a single pass. Then we are ready to plant

Tim Pfaff — Holmen, WI — Reel Disk

Conservation Tillage

We've followed strict soil conservation practices for quite sometime. In fact, I'm a Soil Conservation Commissioner for Jasper County, IA. We have 40% - 50% residue on our corn ground. My McFarlane 8-Bar Harrow does an excellent job leveling and distributing the residue, without plugging. I disc once, follow with the harrow and I'm ready to plant

Calvin Winn — Newton, IA — HDL Series Forward Folding — Hydraulic Lift Manual Fold

We've implemented a soil conservation plan that calls for no-till or 90% crop residue. The McFarlane Harrow helps us achieve this. We plant corn with a no-till coulter planter. We follow with the harrow to cover exposed seeds. We also use the harrow after no-till planting of soybeans. We've even spread wheat in corn ground (2' standing stalks) and used the harrow to pull through the stalks to cover the seed. It's the ideal finishing tool for no-till planting

Tom Bennett — Pembroke, KY — HDL Series Forward Folding — Hydraulic Lift Manual Fold

Chemical Reduction

My son Mark suggested we try controlling weeds in corn and beans without chemicals. We decided to put our dollars into the harrow once, instead of buying chemical year after year. We still apply chemical to row edges and field boundaries. We take the harrow in prior to emergence and it works great!

Wayne Davies — Strawn, IL — 3 Point Harrows

I use my McFarlane Harrow to help reduce dependence on herbicides. I have one section of my farm where I use no chemicals at all, but in most areas I am gradually reducing chemical use in corn and beans with the help of the McFarlane Harrow.

Greg Ibling — Crystal Lake, IL — HDL Series Forward Folding — Hydraulic Lift Manual Fold

Chemical Incorporation

For a long time our chemical people have been recommending shallow incorporation for best results. We've found that our McFarlane 16-Bar does the best job for us. It takes the chemical down 2" — 3" where it does the most good. Best of all, the double coverage of the 16-Bar means only one pass through our wheat fields.

Terry Rindlifbaker — Bancroft, ID — HDL Series Forward Folding — Hydraulic Lift Manual Fold

Before planting beans we tank mount a field cultivator with a boom in front. Then we spray Command herbicide over the top and follow-up with the McFarlane 8-Bar Harrow for incorporation. It really works. It brings the chemical to a depth of 1" - 2" and there is no carryover.

Robert Weiland — Laura, IL — HDL Series Forward Folding — Hydraulic Lift Manual Fold