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Harrows: 6×6 Harrow

McFarlane's 6+6 Bar Harrow is one of the most versatile tillage tools available anywhere. The 6+6 lessens the possibility of plugging, leaving residue where it belongs — on the field, not in your equipment. Its multiple bars and close-tooth spacing provide excellent leveling and superior soil stirring action. The heavy-duty tube steel construction holds up under the most demanding conditions.


Seedbed Preparation: Its superior soil-stirring action leaves a smooth, firm seedbed that is ideal for planting.

Conservation Tillage: The 6+6 won’t plug. Its flexible design and 6+6 bar configuration permit residue to pass on through.

Chemical Incorporation: McFarlane’s 6+6 is ideal for shallow chemical incorporation recommended by most herbicide manufactures.

Poor Field Conditions: The 6+6 aerates to help dry wet ground while sealing in moisture during dry times.

Weed Control: The 6+6 controls weeds at emergence. Harrowing in spring uproots weeds leaving crops to reassert themselves without competition.

No-Till: Harrow sections feature heat-treated wear bushings