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Harrows: WDL-2000 Series Heavy-Duty Rear Folding — Hydraulic Lift and Fold

The Total Tillage Tool

McFarlane’s 16-Bar Spike Tooth Rear-Fold Harrow is more than a harrow. It is a total tillage tool that provides superior performance for field finishing, field preparation, and chemical incoporation.

The 16-Bar Rear-Fold gives you a double coverage, and double performance. With 2 to 3 times the normal number of bars and spikes, McFarlane’s 16-Bar Rear-Fold thoroughly breaks and stirs the soil   significantly reducing field preparation time. Depending on soil conditions, some operators use the McFarlane 16-Bar Rear-Fold alone for Spring field preparation.

Outstanding Incorporation

The 16-Bar Rear-Fold Harrow is the ideal tool for shallow chemical incorporation. It provides superior coverage, and more importantly, the McFarlane 16-Bar Rear-Fold is ideal for shallow incorporation — taking chemicals to the 1"- to 2" depth recommended by many manufacturers. The result is better incorporation and better performance from your herbicides.

The 16-Bar Harrow makes a firm seedbed for small grains such as sesame and wheat. It is also excellent for preparing hay ground and scattering wheat straw — it won’t leave bunches.

The 16-Bar Rear-Fold Harrow combines McFarlane’s long standing tradition of rugged dependability with features designed to provide maximum coverage and performance.


16 harrow bars for superior leveling.

Ideal when teamed behind a field cultivator or disc

Fully flexible

20 teeth per foot for excellent coverage

High-carbon replaceable diamond teeth

Two positive pitch teeth settings — 50° or reverse harrow pull at 38°