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Vertical Tillage: Reel Disk

The Reel Disk from McFarlane Mfg. is our latest development in vertical tillage and can satisfy all of the demands of today’s farming practices, especially BT corn and corn on corn cropping. This new tool, featuring ultra-shallow concave disk blades, loosens the top 2-3 inches of the soil yet leaves the seedbed firm. This ensures accurate seed depth at planting, resulting in even emergence and better yields. Smoothing uneven ground and removing small weeds are done quickly at the 7-9 mph operating speeds.

The Reel Disk is available in widths of 12’, 14′ and 16′ rigid frame, 20’, 25’, 30’, 35′ and 45’ folding frames. Horsepower requires are approximately 8-9 hp/ft.

The ultra-shallow leading disk blades on 7” centers easily penetrate the soil and slice residue into manageable pieces. The gang angle can be set aggressive for more soil movement to bury residue or can be set passive to leave more residue on the surface.

Reversible scrapers are two-way adjustable to maintain optimum disk blade performance. Following the disks is a rank of seven-blade, 18-inch diameter spiral reels that crosscut the residue and mix it into the soil, aiding decomposition. To produce the firm and level seedbed for optimum germination and yields, our proven 3-bar spike harrow follows the spiral reel.

The heavy-duty harrow follows the ground contour closely and is flexible to allow residue to flow through. The final touch for the perfect seedbed is our 12-inch diameter rolling basket.

The basket features eight, high-carbon flat bars with adjustable down pressure to make it aggressive for clod sizing and firming or passive for soil separating and conditioning.


Rolling Basket

The rolling basket provides the finishing touch - 8-high-carbon flat bars have adjustable down pressure to meet varying field conditions. Convenient settings for more aggressive clod sizing or less aggressive for soil separating and conditioning.

3-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow

Our proven 3-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow follows the ground closely, is flexible to allow residue to flow and easily raises or lowers to conform to various soil and residue conditions.

Reel Mount Rock Guard

Deflects rocks away from reel mounts reducing the potential for jamming.

Wavy Coulter Blade

Center covering discs and wavy coulter keep the soil profile level.

Easy-Adjust Disk Gang Angle

Pin style gang adjustment requires no tools for faster, easier adjustment. Angle can be adjusted from 5° - 13°.

Optional Hydraulic Gang Angle Adjustment

Available on all models. Allows operator on the go disk angle adjustment between selected range points.

Trunnion Style Disk Gang Bearings

Heavy-duty, maintenance-free, self-aligning, sealed bearings for longer life and durability.

Optional Disk Gang Mounted Castering Gauge Wheels

Available on all folding models. Helps stabilize wings on uneven ground.

Ductile Cast Tapered Disk Spools

Provide added strength, improved blade support, and better residue clearance.

Dura Reel with Flow-Through Technology

Patent pending 7 blade 18” diameter open center reel with no center shaft provides better material flow and resists plugging in wet, sticky soil. 5-Bolt hubs for added strength and durability. Each hub has a fixed dirt shield to keep out contaminants. A straight through 1-5/8” spindle with 2-tapered roller bearings that require only annual lubrication without disassembly.